XIAMETER™ PMX-561 Transformer Liquid

Polydimethylsiloxane. Cooling and insulating liquid for transformers and other electrical equipment.




  • Increase security, reduce fire and explosion risk: Extremely stable, UL classified as “less flammable”
  • Improve fire safety: Lower heat release rate, lower smoke generation, and lower toxicity of combustion byproducts than other transformer oils
  • Reduce power outages: Thermal stability and oxidation resistance provide long life and low maintenance
  • Meet electrical codes: Meets US electrical code requirements, indoors and out, as well as various IEC requirements

Silicone transformer fluid solutions

You can combine safety and dependability by replacing mineral transformer oils with silicone transformer liquid. XIAMETER™ PMX-561 Transformer Liquid, a dimethyl silicone insulating material for power transformers, provides a unique combination of dependable safety features and high – performance characteristics.

XIAMETER™ PMX-561 Transformer Liquid allows use of proven, reliable liquid transformer designs indoors or outdoors close to buildings where hydrocarbon fluids may present a fire hazard.

Specifically engineered and thoroughly tested for use in electrical power systems, XIAMETER™ PMX-561 Transformer Liquid is among the least hazardous of all known engineering materials, making it an excellent alternative to organic transformer oil.

Get Exactly What You Need

XIAMETER™ PMX-561 Transformer Liquid is globally manufactured to consistent quality and performance standards.

  • High-quality silicone rubber bases, high consistency rubber compounds and liquid silicone rubbers offered at competitive, market-driven prices
  • Reliability, proven performance and global product availability
  • Flexible buying options that let you adjust to changing needs for value, security and convenience

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