BERGQUIST GAP FILLER TGF 3500LVO, Thermally Conductive, Low Outgassing, Two-part Liquid, Gap Filling Material
BERGQUIST® GAP FILLER TGF 3500LVO is a two-part, high thermal conductivity, liquid gap filling material. This material offers the mechanical property benefits of a silicone material with the additional feature of low outgassing. The mixed material will cure at room temperature or can be accelerated with the addition of heat. The liquid approach offers infinite thickness variations with little to no stress to sensitive components during assembly. As cured, BERGQUIST GAP FILLER TGF 3500LVO provides a soft, form-in-place elastomer that is ideal for fragile assemblies or for filling intricate air voids.
  • Thermal conductivity: 3.5 W/m-K
  • Low volatility for outgassing sensitive applications
  • Ultra-conforming with excellent wet-out for low stress interfaces on applications
  • 100% Solids – no cure by-products


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