SM-150G and SM-155P are single component epoxy adhesive, specifically designed for the bonding of surface mount devices to PCB in the lead-free process. SM-150G is suitable for glue dot process and SM-155P is suitable for the printing machine process. SM-150G and SM-155P are also provided with well plastic shape, a powerful and stable adhesive strength for a variety of component parts.




* Physical Characteristics and Application

NO. Items Specification
1 Chemical Type Epoxy
2 Components One component
3 Cure Type Heat cure
4 Application Surface mount adhesive
5 Suitable Process SM-150G : Glue dot process
SM-155P : Printing machine process
6 Viscosity
(Brookfield / 5.0rpm / 25℃ )
SM-150G:55,000 ± 10000 cps
SM-155P:35,000 ± 7000 cps
7 Thixotropy index SM-150G:6.5 ± 1.0
SM-155P:5.0 ± 0.7

* Typical Curing Performance

Curing rates depend on the mass of material to be heated and intimate contact with the heat sources. Other curing conditions may also yield satisfied results. Recommended conditions for curing are as follows.

Recommended Curing Condition
Curing Temperature 150℃ 125℃ 100℃
Curing Time 1.5~2.0 min 2.0~3.0 min 9.0~10 min

* Performance of Push-off Strength

Push-off Strength Shear Strength (N/mm2) Shear forces (Kgf)
Chip Size (Chip:1206R) ≧15.0 ≧7.0
(Chip:0805R) ≧10.0 ≧2.5
(Chip:0603R) ≧10.0 ≧1.5

* Packaging
SM-150G is syringe based packaging, and the capacities are 10mL, 30mL, and 300ml. SM-155P can be provided with syringe and jar packaging. The capacity is 250mL.

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